Selling Foreign Rights: 21 Ways to Make a Foreign Deal Happen

Webinar with Dr. Jan Yager, bestselling international author, publisher, and author of Foreign Rights and Wrongs

January 20, 11 am

Dr. Jan Yager is a foreign rights pro and author who has successfully sold foreign rights for her books and the authors of her company, Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc., and for selected client publishers, authors, and literary agents, including one or multiple sales into 34 languages.

In this webinar, you will learn 21 ways to make a foreign deal happen through real-life examples.

Don’t miss out on how to tap into this lucrative market for your book.

Book Marketing 101, with Kathleen Kaiser, book marketer and president of WPN

This is a three-part series over three months.

February 17, 11 am

This popular series of marketing webinars will lead authors through the steps they need to make to successfully launch their book and keep selling copies. Over the last 13 years, Kathleen Kaiser has guided many new authors and established authors to effectively find and expand their markets through careful definition of their audience. Then they use the tools and services that will attract buyers, increase sales, and develop a following.

The first webinar will cover the basics of marketing, its terms, review of the publishing world, and development of an author platform.

Series Characters—The Fiction Writer’s Gold Mine, with William Bernhardt, bestselling author of more than forty books

March 24, 11 am

William Bernhardt, the author of more than fifty books and founder of the Red Sneaker Writers Center reveals the secrets he has learned over more than thirty years of writing and publishing. Today’s publishers, large and small, are buying series books in greater quantities than ever before. Why are series characters so popular now? How can you create a character whose popularity leads you to not simply publishing a single book but building a writing career?

Learn how to create layers, is a “reliable meddler” and employ both character and characterization.

Book Marketing Part Two—Finding your audience, with Kathleen Kaiser, book marketer and president of WPN.

April 21, 11 am

This session of Book Marketing 101 will focus on where to find readers, the tools and sites to use for engagement to attract readers, and online ways to find new ones. In addition, this segment helps the new self-published author to maximize their exposure.

There are many tools to be employed to get the best results. An overlooked golden goose is Amazon’s Author Central which will explore during the session. If used correctly, it’s a gold mine, yet according to Amazon, less than 1% of authors use it. Engage correctly, and you are already 99% more visible than other books on the site.

Know your audience, place your book in front of them, and find readers. This is how you do it. 

The Power of eBook Promotions, with Miranda Ditmore from BookBub 

May 19, 11 am

What is a fast way to kick off sales – eBook Promotions. How does an ebook price impact a reader’s decision to purchase, especially from a new author? Can discounting your eBook help?

While it may be hard to imagine that lowering the price of your eBook can make you more money, eBook price promotions are a powerful marketing strategy leveraged by many leaders in the publishing industry. Regardless of where you are in the publishing process, understanding when and how to discount your ebooks strategically and how book prices can impact reader decisions can help sharpen your marketing instincts.

Learn from the biggest eBook Promoter, BookBud.

Book Marketing 101 — Part Three, with Kathleen Kaiser

Turning this information into ACTION

June 16, 11 am

In Book Marketing 101, part one helped you define your market, part two to find your audience, and this final part gives you the plans to implement. With a realistic budget of your making, a marketing plan, and finally, a yearlong action plan/timeline, you clearly understand what you need to achieve a grand book launch and develop continuing sales.

Each attendee receives a budget, marketing plan, and timeline outlines to create their Plan for Success.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine: Why Character, Consequence, and Reaction are Necessary for Conflict and Tension, with Harrison Demchick

July 21, 11 am

Everyone knows a good novel requires conflict and tension, but many are unclear on where it comes from or how to create it. It’s not the seriousness of the situation that causes conflict. Not even a nuclear apocalypse generates conflict on its own. A conflict only works if it acts upon the protagonist negatively. 

This webinar will address the true origins of conflict and tension and how they emerge specifically from a character’s reaction and the consequences they face.

Using tension and conflict will maximize the readers’ experience and have them up all night turning pages.

Your Best Author Website, with Adanna Moriarty — Author and website designer

September 15, 11 am

As an author, your website is the hub of your business. Every piece of information you put out, book signings, blog posts, release dates, not to mention reviews, interviews both print and audio/video—all of that information should live on your website. It’s crucial to the business side of writing. 

This webinar will address the true origins of conflict and tension and how they emerge specifically from a character’s reaction and the consequences they face.

Using tension and conflict will maximize the readers’ experience and have them up all night turning pages.