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Book Marketing Part Two—Finding your audience, with Kathleen Kaiser, book marketer and president of WPN.

May 19, 11 am

This session of Book Marketing 101 will focus on where to find readers, the tools and sites to use for engagement to attract readers, and online ways to find new ones. In addition, this segment helps the new self-published author to maximize their exposure.

There are many tools to be employed to get the best results. An overlooked golden goose is Amazon’s Author Central which will explore during the session. If used correctly, it’s a gold mine, yet according to Amazon, less than 1% of authors use it. Engage correctly, and you are already 99% more visible than other books on the site.

Know your audience, place your book in front of them, and find readers. This is how you do it.

Among the presenters will be

Top row left: William Bernhardt, Miranda Ditmore, Jan Yager

Bottom row left: Harrison Demchick, Kathleen Kaiser, Adanna Moriarty,  

All topics will focus on The Business End of the Pen, including radio publicity, cover design, social media, speaking opportunities, hybrid publishing, metadata, and more.

Why am I a member of the WPN? Because of the value it brings to my business of being an author. Part of that value is the webinars offered to me and the opportunity these webinars present. The various webinar topics presented are essential to any author, whether you are a newbie or a veteran just needing to hear what the latest our industry is experiencing. I appreciate the speakers presented; with it comes the fun of various presentation skills that do not allow for boredom. Each webinar is varied. At times, you are drinking from a firehose of information; other times, you are revisiting information stored long away. Do yourself a favor, do your 3-pound universe (your brain) a favor and sign up for a webinar. You will not be disappointed.

 “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” H. Ford.  

- Joyanna Diaz

Penny Sansevieri is an exuberant speaker, very knowledgeable about Amazon. Her Mastering Amazon webinar covered material that every author should know. She presented the information so thoroughly that most questions were answered before they could be asked. I learned a lot, and there was never a dull moment.

- Chris Yavelow

Thank you for the bullet points–the organized presentation. It really helped delineate the paths.

- Tami Davis

Deborah exceeded my expectations. She stayed on topic and displayed a high degree of professional expertise. I was most impressed with the detailed attention she gave to cover submissions. She made sure that each participant was acknowledged and benefited from the seminar.  Clearly, a true professional.

- Jack Gregg

The depth of Kathleen Kaiser’s book marketing knowledge is amazing. She covered so much that I didn’t even know about in her Book Marketing 101 webinar. I immediately began implementing some of her suggestions. I also found Adanna Moriarty’s tech input valuable. Thank you Kathleen and Adanna!

- Rosalind Barden

Thank you for putting on these webinars, especially this year. Being able to participate virtually has been much appreciated when we are all so isolated from other local writers!

- Heather Ames

“Great combination of overview and tactical tips of making the most of your book’s presence on Amazon. Penny is an engaging speaker and delivers the material like a close friend sharing tips.” – Cinnia Finfer 

“Solid information that helped me understand her book on a whole other level! Highly recommended.” – Rich Cook

I thought the presenter was very knowledgeable, professional, well-spoken, and informative.

– Tamar Davis

Kathleen Kaiser’s presentations always give me the confidence I’m getting insider information I can trust and use as a basis for my creative and marketing decisions. For where I am – still in the writing stage – it was excellent information for anticipating what lies ahead and how I can start preparing for that now.

- Ann Arens

Not knowing where to turn having just finished a book with my partner, I was thrilled to find Kathleen Kaiser’s Book Marketing 101. It introduced us to the terms, organizations, and websites that we will need in order to hopefully make our book a success!

- Liz Ryan

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